Single Stream Recycling


Single stream recycling means you can commingle all of your recycling in one container. It is no longer necessary to bag or separate your recyclables. If you need a second recycling cart, please contact our office for additional information.


Glass:  Clear and colored glass jars, and bottles used to package most food, beverages and household items ( rinsed, lids removed and debris free).                                                                                                                                                                                                      Paper: Newspapers, paper bags, mail, junk mail, envelopes, magazines, telephone books, mixed paper, white paper.                                        Cans: Aluminum, Tin and Steel including beverage, food and empty aerosol cans.                                                                          Plastic: Items with the numbers 1-7 located on the bottom surrounded by three arrows or marked PET, PETE, or HDPE (rinsed & free of debris).                                                                                                                                                                                                          Cardboard: Plain corrugated cardboard (flattened and bundled). Also, chipboard packaging including nonperishable food boxes, beer and soda cartons, crackers, cake and cereal boxes without plastic pouches or inserts.

Certain items can contaminate the load and interfere with the recycling process. Non-recyclable items in a recycling load can cause the entire load to be rejected because of contamination. Please see the list below for non recyclable materials. We will no longer empty any contaminated recycling carts, those carts that are contaminated will NOT be serviced.


Glass: Broken glass, light bulbs, Ceramic dishes, Pyrex, china, mirrors, windows, cookware, drinking glasses and flower pots.
Paper: Facial tissue, napkins, paper plates/cups, heat resistant ovenware, shredded paper and styrofoam products.
Cans: No Liquid paints or chemicals.
Plastic: Lids, Plastic store bags, plastic wrap, plastic coat hangers, coffee cups, meat trays, lids or caps and egg cartons.
Cardboard: No food contaminated cardboard.
Metal: Coat hangers, cookware/bakeware, pipes and wire.

Misc. Items: Batteries, brush, yard waste, hoses,motor oil, plastic lawn chairs and plastic kids toys.